September 5-7, 2014
DoubleTree by Hilton @ Orange, California

Welcome back!

We’re back! After a 3 year hiatus, West Coast Warzone has returned once again to Southern California. With a new tournament system, bracket generation, special events, and maybe some food thrown in for good measure, this year will be one to remember!

The hotel remains the same as the last Warzone, the Hilton DoubleTree @ The Block at Orange (Now known as “The Outlets at Orange”). We felt that The Doubletree catered to every need without sacrificing quality. Our block of rooms starts @ $103 / night!

To start it off right, the first 35 nights will receive a venue fee refund for each night! Which means if you’re doubling up and you buy two nights, expect to receive back $70. We’ll update the room counter daily on the hotel tab, so get your room while you can!

For those of you wondering about why we stopped in the first place, our main goal was to provide the community and friends in Southern California a major they could call their own, which at the time did not exist. As other tournaments began to sprout (shoutout to SoCal Regionals, who continue to produce some of the best tournaments around), we felt that our duty was done.

Though with how strong the scene has grown, and SoCal Regionals only happening once a year, the size of the community justifies another major for the region. Not to mention the fact that we’re back with some new innovative ideas (it’s not a pool party) that could change the scene for the better.

We've invented something called the Continue? Tournament to help further the experience of those that come to West Coast Warzone. There's also a New Tournament System in town, and we hope these changes will help speed along the bracket running process.

John Rog even has something special planned for all participants that are at the venue between the hours of 1-3pm on Saturday.

So on behalf of us here at West Coast Warzone, we welcome you back to another year of good memories.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Cancelled

Unfortunately, we will be canceling the Super Smash Bros. tournament this year. All entrants will receive full refunds, along with a complimentary Spectator pass should they still want to come!

As it turns out, our tournament lines up with another established Smash Tournament which will be taking place on the same weekend. As we're all part of the gaming community, any entrants that were going to Warzone should consider instead going to this other tournament which takes place in Pasadena, about 40 miles away from our Venue. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Tekken Tag 2 Tournament Cancelled UNIEL added!

Unfortunately due to lack of interest, we will be canceling the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game in the Official lineup. All players who registered thus far will receive a refund.

In it's place though, we're proud to add in UNIEL! We'll be the first Major to feature this game on it's Official lineup. If you've already registered, but would like to add yourself to UNIEL, email with your original registration information (GamerTag & Email) and we'll get you situated!

WCW4 is officially part of The Capcom Pro Tour!

Exciting news! West Coast Warzone is now officially part of The Capcom Pro Tour as a ranking point event for Ultra Street Fighter 4! This also solidifies the rule sets for USF4, meaning we're now locked in @ 2/3 Winners Finals / Losers Finals, and 3/5 Grand Finals.

Remember, if you're aiming for those points, USF4 is capped this year! After 256 players sign up, we can no longer accept new registrations.

Official Logo / T-Shirt

Oh my,

We've finally received our Offical Logo for West Coast Warzone 4! But what does this mean for attendees? T-Shirts of course!

We keep everything here at West Coast Warzone top notch! From the hotel, to the brackets, to... our t-shirts, the logo will be printed on American Apparel combed cotton tees, available in various sizes on white only.

You can pre-order your t-shirt on the website till August 24th for $18 (a savings of $2), whereafter you can purchase them at the event directly for $20.

*Note* S, XL, 2XL will have extremely limited quantities at the event! So if you're one of those sizes, make sure to add it to your registration!

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VGBootCamp to stream Smash Bros!

Instead of fiddling with the stream provider for Smash, we decided to do it right and just ask one of the most trusted names in Super Smash Bros. stream production. We've signed on VGBootCamp to head the Smash stage, so expect top-notch streaming all day Friday & Saturday!

Japanese Player Nemo confirmed for WCW4!

There was one player this year that may have changed the overall results of EVO 2014, but he wasn't there! We wanna see it, and we know you do too -- So we invited Nemo to West Coast Warzone 4 and it looks like he's accepted our invitation!

Something else is brewing though, and it looks like he's agreed to play FilipinoChamp for terms to be announced. We've set aside some time in our Sunday Final Schedule for the match, but we're still working out the final details. It is guaranteed to happen sometime on Sunday though, bet on it!

Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo added!

We've decided to add Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo as an official game!

Basically the Street Fighter that started it all, come and battle it out on the game that most of you probably started playing in the arcades, when quarters still meant something. If you've already registered and would like to add the game, please email with your email address and gamertag used to sign up, and one of our CS reps will contact you to complete the addition!

Injustice changed to 3/5!

Due to community demand, we'll be switching Injustice to 3/5 matches!

This will also apply to our Continue? Tournament!

Super Smash Bros. Melee Schedule Change!

In order to better cater to the wants and needs of the community, the main Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament has been changed to start and finish on Saturday, on it's own stream, on it's own stage.

We will most likely be breaking down the stream section on Sunday, and moving the pool stations to this area so that the community may continue to play casuals!

Spectator Passes

We've received some questions about whether or not Spectator Badges will be available for purchase at the venue.

The answer is yes! Not only will we be selling Spectator Badges throughout the event, but we'll also be accepting all major credit cards as a form of payment!

Just remember that purchasing a Spectator Badge gives you access to all 3 days for the price of $10!

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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cancelled

Official Logo / T-Shirt

VGBootCamp to stream Smash Bros!

Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo added!

Injustice changed to 3/5!

Spectator Passes

Welcome back!