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Orange, CA: West Coast Warzone, a JK Experience LLC event, has been a community favorite for years. We’ve collected the thoughts of some of the players in the scene of what they enjoy about West Coast Warzone and hope to see you in beautiful southern California when West Coast Warzone 6 returns April 7th through 9th 2017 to the Double Tree Orange (100 The City Drive, Orange, CA 92868)!

Martin ‘Marn’ Phan: I won the first Warzone in 2009 and I’ve gone back as often as I could. I always enjoy myself there, especially because everyone is so free for me.

Justin Wong: Most west coast events do not have the community smack talking like east coast events, but West Coast Warzone (WCW) brings out the fire in people. The exhibitions and the drama that WCW provides shows that this isn’t a tournament, it’s a Warzone.

Leah ‘Gllty’ Hayes: It’s very well run, there’s lots of extra polish on the experience on behalf of the attendees with stuff like vouchers for free food. As a player, I really like having a side station for pre-match practice on stream day.

Jason ‘Jayce the Ace’ Knee: What West Coast Warzone provides is an excellent opportunity for all players looking to compete against the best. The birth of my fighting game career began with the very first WCW back in 2009, and I am immensely looking forward to participating in this year’s (event).”

Frankie ‘Stupendous’ Lee: WCW is definitely one of my favorite tournaments. It has personality, like having cat ear headphones and doge skins on their Playstations. It was also my first CPT event and really instilled in me the itch to want to compete more. This year, I’m going to body everyone except for Urien, Cammy, Laura, Guile, Dhalsim, Birdie, Vega, Necally, Nash, Chun Li…. And maybe Zangief.”

Alex Valle: West Coast Warzone is one of SoCal's major fighting game events with today's popular titles and all star competitors. Every WCW brings something unique to the fans which creates a memorable experience whether its a big money match exhibition or cat ear headsets for the main stage. Who knows what they're up to next?

Anton 'Filipinoman' Herrera:It's just a spot where you can face all the WC competition in a chill environment and the core of the FGC is put first. You also can't beat spring time in an extremely nice part of SoCal

About West Coast Warzone: West Coast Warzone is a fighting game tournament run by JK Experience LLC in southern California. Founded in 2009, West Coast Warzone has become a competitors’ choice event and is viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

About JK Experience LLC: JK Experience LLC is a special events company based in Irvine, CA. Founded by John Shin and Raymond Tang, JK Experience LLC provides quality, high production value events planned with dedicated passion and intimate first-hand research and experience.

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